Shampoo Bar - Turmeric & Orange

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Solid shampoo, soft foam, cleans the scalp well, moisturizes the strands.
Have you ever used a solid shampoo?
If yes, congratulations! You are contributing to my environment.
If not, I will name 8 benefits below:

1 - You don't buy packaged water

2 - Avoids the consumption and disposal of plastic (it takes +400 years to decompose)

3 - It is vegan, not tested on animals, without suffering to pets

4 - Yields up to 80 washes

5 - Takes up less space and you can take it anywhere without worrying about leaks

6 - Maintains the pH and takes care of the health of the scalp

7 - Free of dyes, preservatives and synthetic aromas

8 - Helps treat emotional problems

Handcrafted with vegetable oils and butter, it contains rosemary, tea tree and peppermint essential oil.
It is indicated to improve hair loss, allergies and scalp itchiness. Helps in healthy, strong growth and fortification.

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¥2,080 tax included